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Monday 16 April 2012

Roger Bradford - Agilex, USA
Getting beyond Keywords: Using Conceptual Representations of Text in Search, Analysis and Discovery

David Milward - Chief Technology Officer, Linguamatics, UK
Making Knowledge Discoverable: The Role of Agile Text Mining

** Vendor Short Presentations: Search Technology * Minesoft

Daniel Mayer - TEMIS, France                                                                         
From Discovery to Delivery : The Emergence of Mainstream Applications of Semantic Content Enrichment Tools in the Enterprise

Bob Stembridge - Thomson-Reuters, UK
Bringing Together Tools and Techniques for Patent Analysis: The Harmony of the Spheres

** Vendor Short Presentations: Digital Science * LexisNexis

Jay Ven Eman and Marjorie Hlava - Information Access, USA
Text Mining, Term Mining and Visualization  - Improving the Impact of Scholarly Publishing

Siaw Ling Lo - Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore
Mining Opinion from Twitter

  Panel Session - Chaired and Animated by Susan Feldman - IDC, USA 

Two industry user practitioners from two large companies -- Wolfgang Thielemann, Head of Information Retrieval and Analysis at Bayer Pharma, and Heinz-Gerd Kneip, Head of Specialty Chemicals and Biotechnology Information at BASF -- discuss with Sue Feldman and the audience information tools they have chosen, and how their choices were made and evaluated.

** Vendor Short Presentations: Lighthouse IP Group * Intellixir * Linguamatics

Laurent Hill - Questel, France
Dealing with Large Data Volumes in Statistical Analysis and Text Mining Tools

** Vendor Short Presentations: Questel * STI Centre, Moscow * Dotmatics

Patrick Beaucamp, - Founder and CEO, BPM-Conseil, France
Open Source Platform & Cloud Platform for Information Analysis


Tuesday 17 April 2012

Joseph Parry - Cambridge Intelligence, UK
Visualization for Decision-Makers [No published file]

Nils C. Newman (Search Technology, USA), Ismael Rafols (University of Sussex, England), Alan L. Porter (Georgia Tech, USA)
Patent Overlay Mapping

Patrice Fran�ois - Associate Director, Digimind, France
Leveraging the Power of Visualization for Real Time Analysis  [No published file]

Anton Heijs - CEO, Treparel Information Solutions, The Netherlands
Big Data Analytics and the Importance of Visualization

Gregory Grefenstette � Chief Science Officer, Exalead, France
Merging Information from Structured and Unstructured Information Sources in Search Based Applications

Susan Feldman - IDC, USA
Towards Unified Access Systems for Data Exploration

Konstantin Christoff - Sensika, Bulgaria
Actionable Intelligence for the Whole Enterprise

Martin Hofmann-Apitius - Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing (SCAI), Germany
From (Text) Mining to Models: Applying Large-Scale Text Mining on Patents and Electronic Patient Records

Stuart McLean - LexisNexis, USA
Patent Prior-Art Searching with Latent Semantic Analysis

Alex Butler - Executive Vice President, IPVision, USA
Expert System Driven Insights into Patent Quality and Competitive Positions

Kalpana Ravi (Philips India – Intellectual Property and Standards), B. Ravi Kiran (LIGM, ESIEE, Université Paris Est, France),
 Mannan Bakthavathsalu (Philips India – Intellectual Property and Standards)
Automatic Query Re-Ranking in a Patent Database by Local Frequency and Adjacency Distribution

2012 Conference Final Endnote

Willem Geert Lagemaat - CEO, Lighthouse IP Group, The Netherlands
What Information Tools can you Imagine for the Future?

END OF 2012 Conference

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